Alexander Technique Benefits

Who benefits from the Alexander Technique? Anyone who:

  • Struggles with fatigue
  • Has chronic neck and/or back pain
  • Is stiff or sore 
  • Feels burned out
  • Is worried about her posture
  • Feels limited by stiffness and tension
  • Loves all things body-mind
  • Wants to explore holistic concepts
  • Questions conventional assumptions
  • Likes feeling relaxed and centered
  • Is intellectually engaged and voraciously curious
  • Wants to feel more enjoyably embodied

Potential Benefits (of committed study of the Technique)

  • Improve coordination, which helps to prevent wear on joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.
  • Develop spatial thinking, which sharpens cognitive function, boosts creativity, and improves performance.
  • Allow overused muscles to return to their resting length, enabling healing and restoring elasticity.
  • Prevent postural degeneration, which comes from unconscious patterns of malcoordination.
  • Learn how to modulate muscular effort, which improves muscle health, reduces pain, fatigue and soreness, and increases economy of motion.
  • Achieve clearer body-mind integration: feel more embodied, centered, and grounded.
  •  grace and poise, elegant stature, and look and feel good!
  • Learn how evolutionary and anatomical factors can be taken advantage of, improving structural function.
  • Learn how to use your life as a laboratory for self improvement

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