Massage for PAIN

Massage Therapy offers a way to manage chronic, recurrent pain. Your reaction to pain can include muscular bracing, tightening, and guarding. Over time your muscles become chronically shortened, ropy, and full of sore “trigger” points. Neglecting or ignoring your tense muscles can make the pain worse. Massage improves conditions by breaking this pain cycle: reducing trigger points, improving blood flow, calming the nerves, inducing relaxation, and providing a positive touch experience. You can ask Holly to customize your massage session to the pressure and areas of focus YOU need for relief. Scheduling regular massages as a part of your wellness regimen can significantly raise your quality of life.

Massage for STRESS

Your Body Keeps the Score,” a well regarded book about somatics by Dr Peter Levine describes how trauma effects the body. Relentless, uninterrupted stress IS traumatic. Massage can help you manage stress, induce calmness and relaxation, temporarily lower blood pressure, and settle the nervous system. Touch has been found to be necessary for the survival and normal development of infants. In this pandemic touch deprivation is making it even harder for people to cope with hard times. Having a massage in a safe, sanitary environment by an experienced & supportive touch professional can help you cope with the unprecedented stress life is dishing up for you right now.

Prenatal & Postpartum Massage

Pregnancy and new motherhood create unique stresses in a woman’s life. Her body undergoes momentous changes: shifts in physical and emotional balance, looseness of ligaments, aches from altered weight bearing, sleep disruptions, carrying and handling the new baby, nursing…. Massage offers a helping hand to ease the stresses a pregnant or postpartum mom’s body is experiencing. Special pillows and positioning help the expecting mother to receive her massage comfortably. Prenatal massage focuses on problem areas such as neck, shoulders, low back, and hips. Due to liability concerns, massage for first trimester pregnancy is not available.