Asking for help from your brain

I recently visited my Alexander teacher. One of my struggles has been practicing when I am not in the lesson. I have a million excuses: laundry, busyness, wintertime depression, bills, etc. She said “You have to ask your brain to stop blocking you from doing what you want.”

I immediately thought of prayer. I know of many people who use prayer as a way to ask for help. Could asking God, or the Spirit of the Universe help to take away my lethargy about practice? My teacher explained that the part of me that is conscious only takes up a fraction of my brain, and I can use that part to ask the rest of me for what I want. If I ask again and again, patiently, with no particular expectations, she said I would be surprised. My brain would slowly work on my request without “me” knowing. Indeed, I asked myself to stop blocking me from writing on my way home, and here I am now, writing.

Perhaps, if I repeat this prayer again when I am in need of motivation, my brain (or higher self, or Buddha…) will allow me to choose the activity I want, instead of my habits.




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