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This Way Up

“Stand up straight!” Moms everywhere throughout time have nagged their teenagers about their posture. Why do we slouch as we get older? Could it be learning to write and use computers at desks all day? Perhaps it is the way we get caught up in what we are reading or watching on the tv and forget we have a body. We escape our present environment and circumstances with our minds. We tune out the aches and pains of sitting too long, until the pain screams at us and we struggle mightily to try and fix it, or feel helpless to get rid of it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a button to push that would correct our posture instantly!

If you want to experience a change with something as simple as pressing a button, try thinking about which way is up. Imagine a mental arrow. Point your attention upward and outward, instead of going inside to try and feel as if you are ” standing up straight.” Don’t worry about your posture. Just receive any changes in your state of being that occur with the thought of “up.” Add “up” to your mental musings. It will not get you to correct posture, but if you let it, you might experience some of that beautiful childhood coordination that your mom exhorts you to restore.